Weird Skin

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Weird Skin, Auld Gods second album was released on 1st March 2024.
It's available to stream on all major streaming services including:

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Dragon Records, Belfast

Abbazappa, Derry

Hundred Records, Romsey

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Older, Wiser?

Weird Skin Cover

‘Older, Wiser?’ is the first album by Auld Gods, a collection of three musicians born in Belfast. The band formed at the start of the pandemic, are scattered across the UK in Belfast, Winchester and Dover. Working remotely for over a year building songs from tracks recorded individually at home in sheds and bedrooms. In October 2021 they finally got together to mix the album at River Studios in Southampton. The album is a collection of songs written by each member of the band and as such represents a spectrum of musical styles pulled together into a slightly off kilter whole.

The lovely Jane from reviews the album here.

You can access the album on

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Auld Gods have released 4 singles.

At the Cecil

‘At the Cecil’ is the final single by Auld Gods taken from their debut album ‘Older, Wiser?’ An atmospheric horror show inspired by Joe Berlinger’s excellent documentary on the Cecil Hotel in downtown LA. Big on bass synths building up to cacophonous finale


Careless was released on 3rd June 2022. A tale of Orpheus & Eurydice translated to the Irish diaspora in London but don’t let that put you off.

Red Lines

Red Lines was released on 11th June 2021.A blend of electronics and guitars with message. Picked up some plays on BBC Radio Ulster.

Sat on a Stone

Sat on a Stone, the debut single, was released on 15th January 2021. Its a 'rough round the edges' punkish guitar driven song


Auld Gods are a pandemic band, not having been in the same room since they started working together in March 2020 until mixing the first album 'Older, Wiser?' in October 2021. After commenting on a short instrumental track on YouTube, Davy McLarnon joined the Williamson brothers in the project which was to produce music that allowed a bit of experimentation, didn’t disappear up its own arse, provided a bit of emotional investment and you could tap your foot to. Did they succeed? Have a listen and judge for yourself.

Marty Williamson


Kicked off in Belfast in the 70s with Lovers of Today moving on to playing guitar for Silent Running before heading to London where he joined seminal Electropop band Pleasure and the Beast. Gaining a reputation in London he worked with a wide variety of artists including Sinead O'Connor, Russell Webb of the Skids and many others. Eventually he joined the Psychedelic Furs for their ‘Midnight to Midnight’ album recording in Berlin and then touring globally.

Davy McLarnon


Davy was a founder member of Shock Treatment, a seminal Belfast punk rock band signed to Terri Hooley's Good Vibrations record label in 1979. Following the release of two singles, Belfast Telegraph and Big Check Shirts Shock Treatment went to sleep for some years re-surfacing again in 2012 and continue to perform and record to this day. Following the short lived Five Boys Davy joined Belfast rock band Peacefrog in 1990. Here he would enjoy much local success with hit singles, an album and several high-profile support slots and festival appearances. He continues to perform with Shock Treatmeant and other projects.

Mike Williamson


Bass playing introvert started playing with his brother Marty in Lovers of Today. He left Belfast for Manchester where he played for wonderful but obscure indie and soul bands before moving to London where he attached himself to Belfast cult band Pig. Fell out of love with music after a punishing couple of years on the Agricultural College circuit with The Brilliant Pebbles but has now almost recovered. Does lots of things but none really well.


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